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Haji Syed Ambar Chishty is born on 17th march 1983 “Syeds” and “Chishty sufi family” of Ajmer Sharif our lineage goes back to hazrat Mohammed Mustafa s.a.w through hazrat syedna imam hussain a.s.

In my early age i have started learning sufism by engaging holy shrine of khawaja moinuddin chishty r.a and practice on spirtiual treatments.I got my secondary education complete from Ajmer sharif and then moved to United kingdom for complete my bachelors degree in business management from tee side university of Huddersfield, west Yorkshire. Following years i dedicated myself towards Sufi tradition and got Sufi aalim degree from Maulana Rumi University, konya, Turkey.

My love and passion towards sufism and spirtiual treatment enable me to travel various countries of world for speach and as a guest of honour.i have been invited and attend few international sufi events and conferences in :Greece, england, canada, United states, Spain, Turkey, Morroco, Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, Hongkong, Azerbaijan and etc.

I am founder of Moinuddin Foundation and been running it from last 4 years as a british citizen Moinuddin Foundation is doing great work in England & wales.

I have been engaged in spiritual work and Sufi teaching constantly.My motto is to spread message of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty r.a to all over world and remove racism and jealousy from communities, bring everyone together, become and follow humanity before follow any religion.
My request :
Please be together whatever you are and follow any religion because first we are son of Adam a.s, no religion taught that not to help other religion. Follow the right path and be generous to everyone.


“A Symbol of Love, Peace and Harmony.”

– Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty r.a


Haji Syed Ambar Chishty
Gaddi Nashin of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty (r.a)

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